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3Q Enterprises does Manufacturer's Rep, Marketing / Sales Support, Import / Export Logistics and Consulting for Businesses between U.S. and Japan

We dedicate ourselves to bring the best stuff in the world!
Here are some of the products we handle (Click on the pictures to access product information)

Total Mouth Care

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Digital Fiber Optics:
We have Fiber Optics to transmit HD quality video over long distnace!
For home and commercial applications, no one does it better.
OWLink Technology, Digital Light Interface

Electronic Components:
We have Eletronic Components, including EON Flash Memories, Denka thermal pads, SMT components, and all. Just inquire what you need.
EON Silcon Devices, Flash Memory
DENKA Thermal Sheets
Non-Ferrous Metals:
e have non-ferrous metal for Product Casing to Building Materials, and anywhere in between!
Sankyo Tateyama Aluminum, Patio Cover
Toyo Rikagaku, Aluminum Casings for IT gears
Solar Panels:
We have Solar Cell components, such as Bus Bars, Connectors, and Back Sheets. We are going Green!
We will have more material vendors in this market place.
Toyo Aluminum Solar Back Sheet
New Technologies
e have something you didn't know what to do with, or even exist.
For example, we have Magnetic Shielding Sheet from Toshiba Materials that can be used for a great stuff like non-contact recharging system!
Toshiba Material Magnetic Sheet enables non-contact charging system
... AND Many Many More! If you get interested, contact us.

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