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Headquartered in Tustin , California , OWLink Technology is a leading provider of innovative technology that transmits uncompressed high-definition digital video, audio, and control signals simultaneously over a single, transparent DLI™ fiber optic cable. OWLink technology enables OWLnet™, Plug-N-Play digital home and business networking without requiring any special protocols


OWLink DLI (Digital Light Interface) is a technology to transmit HD video quality signals over a long distance that was unthinkable before.
When transporting high speed digital signals, there are number of issues to be resolved. Below are the list of such issues and how OWLink DLI resolves them.

• High Definition Contents

Higher Bandwidth Requirements
Current products supports up to 6.25Gbps fwd / 3.125Gbps bwd

• Digital Contents

Transmit Length Limitation – “Digital Cliff”
Digital Content Copyright Issue – HDCP
OWLink fiber multi-mode fiber cable covers up to 300 meter distance
OWLink devices are HDCP 1.3 certified

• Interactivity

Remote Control of various sources
IR Remote / Keyboard / Mouse
Private Network / Internet Access
OWLink DLI supports bidirectional transmission enabling interactive operations
Consolidates several signal flows into a single fiber, simultaneously!
IR Remote TX/RX , USB, Digital Audio, Serial Comm (RS-232), 10/100 etnernet

• Installation Cost and Complexity

Multiple Content Sources, Matrix Switching, Repeaters
Size / Weight / Cost of Cabling / Installations
Fiber cable is thin, light and flexible; very easy to install
Standard LC connector is easy to deal with.
jacketed cable for harsh environment is available

• EMI Immunity

Ability to operate in noisy environment
It will never be an interference source, and will not be affected by outside interference.

• Future Scalability

Technology obselescence forces system upgrades
Bandwidth is not limited by fiber; no need to re-cable the facility when replacing with newer generation of products.

Traditionally, fiber optics was considered too expensive for home use. Thanks to years of development / innovations / installations in Telecomm marketplace, this is no longer true.
Traditionally it was also thought that one fiber can carry only one stream of signals in one direction only. This is true with single mode fiber, which is used mostly in Telecomm applications. The breakthrough in DLI technology is the use of multi-mode optics to consolidate multiple stream of data flow into single fiber. Hence it accomodates multiple streams of signals in both directions. Since the fiber is application agnostic (meaning it doesn't care what signals are going through), by adding different application going through the cable is just a matter of adding / replacing different transceivers at the end points.
That makes DLI an excellent entry technology for uniquitous fiber optic network, as it lasts a long time over generations of technologies.

So, what does OWLInk produce and sell? Glad you ask!

They build TX/RX ASICs, DLI modules, ....

... Fiber optic cables,

... and yes, the wonderful Adaptor kit for home / business use.

Suggested applications include:
- Multi-room home / office media center, distribution system
- Home / Office consolidated digital network
- On-demand entertainment system
- Medical / Science Research platform
- Factory floor centralized machine vision / control systems
- Contents distribution systems
- Digital signage systems
- HD security DVR systems
... Only limitation is your imagination.

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