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OWLink Technology Inc. Website To Product Page

Headquartered in Tustin , California , OWLink Technology is a leading provider of innovative technology that transmits uncompressed high-definition digital video, audio, and control signals simultaneously over a single, transparent DLI fiber optic cable. OWLink technology enables OWLnet™, Plug-N-Play digital home and business networking without requiring any special protocols.

EON Silicon Systems Inc. Website To Product Catalog

Eon Silicon Solution Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on non-volatile semiconductor memory, merged with Eon Silicon Devices, Inc. which has built up completely flash core technology and product IP.
Eon is keeping providing state-of-the-art NOR type Flash Memory, using the most advanced design and process technology and highest quality manufacturing and testing procedures. Our superior quality products provide reliable solutions for the worlds general non-volatile memory needs in computing, communication consumer and industrial markets, and applications.

DENKA (Denki Kagaku Kogyo Ltd) Website To Product Page

A material of high thermal conductivity (low thermal resistance) made by filling silicon with a high ceramic content. Efficiently transmits heat emitted from power transistors, driver ICs, MPUs, etc., contributing to thermal control and miniaturization of various electrical products.

Toyo Rikagaku Kenkyusho Co. Ltd. WebSite To Toyo Rikagaku Product Page

World leader in non-ferrous metal processing. With its state-of-the-art technologies for Precision Stamping, Hydraulic Press, Extra Deep Drawing, Surface Treatment and Sheet Metal Work, they do wonders in the leading edge metals such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, etc.
Their end-product includes IT instrument enclosures, Optical equipment enclosures, Automobile equipment, Sheet Metal building materials. They may not be a household name, but you are likely owning many of their products.

Sankyo Tateyama Aluminum Inc. WebSite (This site is in Japanese)

“To create new values, to contribute to rich livings”
This is the leading manufacturer of the aluminum based building materials for home and business.
They have the full line of home and commercial doors, interior / exterior materials and high performance energy-efficient materials.

Toyo Aluminium K.K. (Toyo Solar) WebSite

Toyal Solar ® is a back sheet for solar cell modules which possesses excellent long-term reliability. The newly developed M-Polyester film drastically extends the lifetimes of solar cell modules. Combined use with the Epr coating layer developed by Toyo Aluminium significantly improves adhesiveness with EVA film.

TOSHIBA MATERIALS, Co. LTD. WebSite To Magnetic Material Page

Toshiba Materials has developed amorphous magnetic shielding parts with high permeability.
Our magnetic shielding parts are similar with others in appearance. But their performance and application are unique. They work in the lower frequency range of some ten to hundreds kHz. They are applied to shielding parts to absorb leakage of magnetic flux from coils and magnetic components. Or they can make themselves into thin sheet-like cores of inductors and transformers because they have high permeability.