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7/14/10: 3Q Enterprises separates the business unit

3Q Enterprises separated its business into two units to streamline its business activities:
The oroginal technology consulting business (remains to be 3Q Enterprises) and retail / distribution business (a new 3Trend LLC).

As a result, Total Mouth Care and other retail businesses moved on to 3Trend LLC, the new company. They have the new retail site, Please visit the site.

11/15/09: 3Q had great fun and success at OC Japan Street Fair.

3Q Enterprises ran a booth at OC Japan Street Fair. Click here for the Fair web page. We demonstrated and sold Total Mouth Care, and had great deals on high quality HDMI cables and Blue Tooth gear combo pack. Hope you've had as much fun as we did.
Combined with Marukai Health Fair (below) on the same weekend, we've been extremely busy, but success has a way of wiping out fatigue!

11/14/09: 3Q at Marukai Health Fair over the weekend.

By Marukai supermarket's invitation, 3Q Enterprises was at Marukai Health Fair at their Gardena Store. Demo sale of Total Mouth Care was a big success. In fact, we sold so much of this great mouth wash, we exhausted Marukai's inventory and had to scramble to ship more cases to them ASAP.

10/31/09: New dynamic contents are added to the 3Q home page.

New, dynamic contents are added to the 3Q Enterprises Home Page. The top page now has Chronometer and Visitor counter, as well as current weather in Irvine, CA by Accuweather.

The new contents are also added to the News Page, including daily Top News and cartoon (Doonesbury by Gary Trudeau). Enjoy!

10/29/09: The new product home page for Total Mouth Care debuts!

New, expanded home page for Total Mouth Care product debuts in the new subdomain address,
The contents are expanded from existing product page, and the facility for the direct purchase will be added soon.

10/27/09: 3Q attends Solar Power International Show.

International conference for Solar Power industry is held at Anaheim this year. 3Q Enterprises atteded the show to explore the market place in search of new partners.

9/22/2009: 3Q attends ASIS International Show.

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) holds an expo every year, and this year is held at Anaheim, Sept 21-24. 3Q Enterprises attends the show in support of OWLink Technology, to market their optical image transfer technology.

9/18/2009: 3Q started in-store demonstration of Total Mouth Care at Mother's Market.

The in-store product demonstration for Total Mouth Care mouth wash is performed at Mother's Market Costa Mesa, followed by another demo at Irvine store on following Monday. Anaheim Hills, Huntington Beach and Santa Ana store were served subsequently. On each occasion, we managed to sell off the entire store inventory of Total Mouth Care bottles (see picture below). This means more orders!

8/27/2009: Mother's Market now carries Total Mouth Care mouth wash.

Mother's Market & Kitchen specializes in healthy products with natural ingredients. They have six stores around Orange County, and all of them now carry Total Mouth Care, the ultimate product for your oral hygene and health. Let's go to mother's for the mouth wash!

8/15/2009: CONTACT page is now functional at 3Q Enterprises web site!

Contact Page function to automatically send out the e-mail request to 3Q Enterprises is now up. If you specify the contact information and the requested area of the products / services, 3Q Enterprises receives all the information and will be in touch with you quickly. Please make use of it.

8/15/2009: Product Pages are up.

Product pages, for OWLink, EON Silicon Systems, DENKA, Toshiba Material, Toyo Rikagaku and Total Mouth Care are now up on line to provide more in-depth information about these fabulous products we deal. More product pages are coming up in the near future.
Just click on the product pictures on the top page to access them. If you would desire any specific type of information, please send the request to us via Contact Page.

7/14-16/2009: 3Q attended Semicon West / Inter Solar NA '09 in San Francisco, CA

This is a large gathering for semiconductor manufacturing equipment makers and Solar energy equipment.

The report and photos, please click here.

7/11/09: 3Q performed one-day Total Mouth Care demonstration at Ebisu Market at Fountain Valley, CA.

6/17-19/2009: 3Q attended Infocomm show at Orlando, FL

...representing / supporting OWLink Technology. This is a large audio-visual equipment and service show for the professionals, attracting attendance from all around the world. If you plan to attend, let us know.
For the in-depth report and photos, please click here.

5/9-10/2009: Participation to the Health Fair at Marukai Market in Gardena

A successful weekend demo / sales activity for Total Mouth Care product at Health Fair at Marukai Market Gardena store was completed, with better-than-expected sales figure.
Many thanks to the Marukai Store, and the customers who supported us.

5/1/2009: Hear ye! Hear ye! 3Q Enterprises web site debuts!

Much expected 3Q Enterprises web site finally debuts on line. Well, it's not yet a finished product, but it beats "under construction" notice. Besides, the comapny is an unfinished product. It'll keep growing. Non-stop.
Stay tuned.