Toyo Rikagaku Product Page

Toyo Rikagaku is the leading manufacturer of the custom metal products, the leader in metal processing technology:
  • Precision Press
  • Metal Polishing
  • TS Processing
  • TF Processing
  • Black Anodization
  • Etching


  • Metal Product
    • Casing for portable IT products, Optical producgts, Automobiles
    • various containers
    • Construction material
  • Surface Processing / Finishing
    • Stainless, Aluminum, Titanium

Precision Press Product




Hydraulic Press Drawing

Hydraulic press, is one of the press drawing methods achieved molding of complex shapes

Laser Cut Finish

Toyo Rikagaku develped a precision laser cutting system that enables high grade, precise cut to pressed metal with complex 3-dimensional shape, at mass production level.